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Quambatook Tractor Pullers - 43rd Annual Australian Tractor Pull Championships * - Quambatook


20 Apr 2019 TO 20 Apr 2019


Australian Tractor Pull Championships held at Quambatook annually Easter Saturday. High octane intensity explodes into Quambatook as the power hungry modified tractors and trucks blast their way down the track on a mission towards the ultimate 'Full Pull'. Competitive pulling isn't just watched, it's experienced. Sight, sound, action, diesel, alcohol fuels and the giddy expectation of an anxious crowd - this spectacle feeds an addiction. Any tractor pull may be called the ultimate contest between the proverbial immovable object and the irresistible force, but at Quambatook Easter Saturday, driven by competitive spirit and brute force, horsepower is king when the tractor is hooked. As competitors take off the rev limiters, scream the RPM's and push their equipment to the very edge it will not take long for the event to gain traction. The program includes highly modified tractors and trucks in several classes including the Junior Mower class which caterers for kids to become involved in pulling. The Quambatook Tractor Pull is way more than just power alone. It is creativity, team spirit and having a good time. It is entertainment for all the family, on and off the track. Full catering on site, raised viewing banks, bring a rug or 'decky'. Excitement starts at 1:30pm and continues under lights until 10:00pm. Other features of the day are joy flights, country market and carnival rides. During the evening break enthusiasts will be able to view the pulling machines up close when the pits are open and owners are always available to answer questions on all aspects of the sport. Over eight hours of sight, sound and action make Quambatook your 'Pit Stop' each Easter Saturday.