Welcome to our region loaded with natural features, rivers, lakes, wetlands and forests. Your perfect destination for relaxing on the river bank, water skiing with friends or just soaking up the ambience of the majestic red gum forests.

You can choose from the many freshwater lakes, the Murray River or the Gunbower Creek to create a unique holiday… close to nature, close to water.

Be sure to visit the many towns across the region, all with their appealing qualities and welcoming hospitality. There are many attractions such as beautiful golf courses, a red gum sawmill, unique cafe dining opportunities, diverse shopping precincts and special places of interest.  See our Touring Map (page 1, page 2, & page 3) to help you discover the region. 

Enjoy the change of pace and the opportunity to get close to water.  There is no time to hurry… just time to relax and have fun!


The freshwater lakes of the area offer many opportunities for relaxing, swimming, camping, fishing and water sports.  

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Gunbower National Park & State Forest

The  largest inland island in Australia and considered one of the 10 most important wetlands in the Murray Darling Basin. It's a perfect nature based tourism destination. 

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Gunbower Creek

The gentle flowing waters of Gunbower Creek is significant for both environmental and recreational purposes.  It provides many opportunities for activities close to nature.

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The Murray

The legendary Murray River is waiting for you to create your own adventure.

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Wetlands & Reserves

The permanent wetlands of Kerang's 23 lakes and swamps are internationally recognised under the Ramsar Convention.

Find on Gunbower Island diverse wonderland of water birds, wildlife and aquatic plants.

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