The many lakes, waterways and wetlands are valuable environmental assets that provide habitat for the many species of water birds including the water bird featured in the Gannawarra Shire Council logo – the Ibis.

Many of the Kerang Lakes are recognised Ramsar listed wetlands of international significance.

The bird hide at Reedy Lake is an ideal viewing platform to experience the many waterbirds. Information on the wetlands can be found at the Lake Charm and Reedy Lake information shelters. 

Gunbower National Park and State Park on Gunbower Island is also recognised as a Ramsar Wetland site.  The permanent body of water; Gunbower Creek and the many lagoons provide vital habitat for feeding and breeding grounds for numerous species.  

Lake Cullen, north-east of Kerang after being flood filled in 2016 has reinvigorated the environment as a important feeding and breeding ground.  The sighting and photographs of the endangered species, the Australasian bittern has reinforced the significance of the Kerang Wetlands in fauna conservation. Find out more from North Central Catchment Management Authority' media release.

For specialised knowledge on Australian birdlife, education programs and bird watching information can also be accessed at Birdlife Australia.

Plains Wanderer at Bael Bael Nature Conservation Reserve
The endangered Plains Wanderer is part of the Fauna survey at Bael Bael Nature Conservation Reserve.  Watch Parks Victoria's youtube clip on the survey.  

The Bael Bael Nature Conservation Reserve, is located north-west of Kerang and an important reserve and ideal habitat for the Plains Wanderer and many other species.

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