Canoeing provides the opportunity to explore the wetlands from a new perspective.  The slow and tranquil pace as you paddle the Murray and Loddon Rivers or the many lakes enables you to get close to nature.

Bring your canoe and make your way along the waters to Safe’s Lagoon on the Gunbower Island Canoe Trail on Gunbower Creek.  A 5km canoe trail (an easy two hour paddle) has been established through the wetland. Here you can see birds making their homes or nesting with their young in the hollows of standing dead trees. You can hear their calls and see the myriad of creatures living among the reeds and waters. The route to the canoe trail is signposted off the highway as you head to Koondrook.

A summary of our canoe trails can be found on our Touring Map (page 1,).  (Touring Map page 2 and page 3 shows the map of the region.)

If you don't own your own why not try hiring?  There are three options with Murray River Adventures and Cohuna Adventures providing canoes, kayaks and paddleboards or Stillwater Paddleboards to get you on the water.

Coming soon...our new Kayak/Canoe brochure featuring new trails and information on all of our wetlands and lakes giving you endless paddling options.  Call in at our Gateway Visitor Information Centre at 90 King George Street Cohuna for further information.

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